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I love games.

The funny thing is, I love making them even more then playing them.  The biggest thrill for me is to create a world where others can play, explore and be challenged.  While my route into the world of making games was through the visual arts, that is only part of the appeal for me.  I enjoy designing at a high level as well as at the systems level.  I find the task of creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface a highly rewarding experience.  I also find the creative process of working with other talented individuals one of the most exciting aspects of my career.  I like to organize and help others to reach their full potential while I too endeavor to reach my own.  I have also been involved with high level game coding and rapid prototype development recently.  This is my current highest joy within my field.  It is for these reasons that I really consider myself more of a “jack of all trades” game maker, despite my concentration in the graphical aspects.

I am also not limited to digital games in my enthusiasm.  Board games have really come into their own in the last number of years, and I enjoy following the trends in that world as well.


I hope you enjoy going through my website.  I have a lot more ideas kicking around inside my brain, and I am eager to get them out, one way or another.


Best to all



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